Underground Parking Lot Ramp Case Study

Stellar Smart LED Lights were used in place of pre-existing metal halide lights in a parking structure, reducing amperage by 80.06% (from 8.98A to 1.79A).

Prior to the installation of Stellar Smart LEDs, our customer was experiencing constant power outages in their underground parking garage. The initial halide lighting fixtures were embedded in the concrete walls of the structure, which caused them to overheat on a regular basis.

28 halide lights were replaced – 14 on the east side of the structure, 14 on the west.

In June 2018, the ELC Environment Controller was installed to monitor the existing metal halide lighting and determine power usage/quality.

Half (14) of the metal halides were replaced with our Smart LED Lights and results were monitored for 12 days.


On average, the existing lighting system was operating at 8.98 amps at 277 volts; this translates to 88.53 watts per light. After installing the new Stellar Smart LED Lights, the overall amps dropped to 5.03 amps – a 3.95 amp reduction (44.4%).

A brightness test was conducted on the metal halide lights for comparison with Stellar Smart LEDs. While the metal halide produced around 384 LUX, the Stellar Smart LED produced 840 LUX (2.18x brighter), even at the reduced wattage.

The old metal halide lights required a ballast and other components to operate; these components required energy and decreased the overall efficiency. Because of this, the operational performance of the metal halides degrades over the lifetime of the light.

Conversely, Stellar Smart LED’s minimalist design eliminates the need for bulky ballasts, and the built-in diagnostics protect the light’s circuitry from damage, extending the life of the LEDs.


  • One design is able to retrofit on 250 existing lighting fixtures with different configurations
  • Works with existing A/C lines
  • Simple to connect and easy to install
  • Slim + elegant domed light fixture design
  • Redundant modules allow for partial outage without losing light

The remaining Stellar Smart LED lights were installed and data was collected from July 28 to Aug 3, 2018. The following data is represented below:

From the data collected and analyzed by our ELC Environment Controller, Stellar Smart LED lights reduced power consumption by 80% in comparison to the original metal halide lights.

Even with this reduction, the Stellar lights were more than twice as bright. Using ELC light control capabilities, the lights were dimmed 50% to match the previous brightness, resulting in a total power reduction of 88%.

Another opportunity for saving energy occurred in observation of certain lights remaining lit unnecessarily during the day. Replaced with Stellar Smart LEDs, ELC now controls each individual fixture and turns them off during the daylight hours. This final improvement brought the total savings to 94%.

Utilizing the patented Wavechip™ technology in Stellar Smart LEDs and the ELC Environment Controller Monitoring System, the customer is only paying 6% of what their previous light bill was.

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