Dairy Lighting

Stellar Smart LED dairy barn lighting systems reduce energy costs and increase control of dairy barn operations.


Stellar is the next generation of dairy barn LED lighting. Save up to 70% on lighting costs, increase control for “long day” and “short day” light cycles, and protect against power surges. Stellar is the Smart solution for any dairy operation.

Proven Cost Savings

Stellar Smart customers save up to 70%
on lighting costs

  • Reduced energy usage
  • Very low heat output
  • Reduced HVAC costs
  • Added control with no added wiring
  • Improved longevity on unstable power grids
  • Free energy audit / test to prove ROI

“Our old LEDs kept burning out every time there was a power surge. Stellar Smart LED Lighting hasn’t been affected by surges, and is saving us on our overall energy bill.”

Power Surge Protection

  • WAVE Power Transformation™ technology detects power fluctuations and adjusts lights to prevent damage
  • Lights run on a wide range of power voltages ranging from 120v to 277v
  • LED lighting now available in areas previously impractical

“Energy savings combined with increased milk production through a well-managed LDL system makes the purchase of farm use LED lighting and the required control/sensor systems affordable.


  • Runs and communicates on existing AC power lines
  • No need for expensive secondary control lines and conduits
  • Quick-Connect system greatly reduces install time and costs


  • Retrofit on existing AC wiring
  • Safe and simple to install
  • Redundant modules allow for partial outage without losing light


  • ELC Environment Control software manages light timing and intensity
  • Customize lighting schedules in different areas of your barn
  • Sensor networks can be programmed to adjust lights under certain conditions. 

Bird Nest Control Design

  • Curved fixture top prevents bird nests and reduces residue buildup
  • Water and corrosion-resistant conformal coating
  • Minimal maintenance required

Want to learn how much energy Stellar can save you?

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